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Need road irons or not needed – a polemic issue. If your luggage is t-shirts and jeans, then an iron is unlikely to be needed. And going to the evening reception, which should be present in a suit, you can always take this suit at the box office already ironed. Yes, and in the hotel you can use the services of dry cleaning or a professional maid without leaving your room.

So why do you need a travel iron? It’s easy to tidy up things that have been wrinkled during the move, smooth out the wrinkles that have suddenly formed, freshen up your jacket before an important meeting, or dry your wet clothes. flat iron

Travel iron in action

Travel irons are distinguished by their small size and small weight compared to conventional irons. This is especially true if you are overloaded with luggage even without an iron. Despite the fact that it looks like a mini-iron toy (only 9-10 cm in length), it copes with its tasks perfectly. The sole is heated to a temperature of 360 ° and perfectly smoothes wrinkles and creases on clothing.

However, it should be borne in mind that the power and sole area of ​​these devices are also small, and the rate of steam supply is very modest. Therefore, ironing with a mini iron takes longer than ironing with a conventional iron.  irons

Travel irons

Travel irons, like ordinary irons, differ in terms of power and steam supply, the sole material and the volume of the water tank.

The weight of the devices is 400-600 g, and the power ranges from 350 W to 1.1 kW. However, such a modest power is enough to smooth small folds or dry a shirt wet from rain.

Almost all modern mini irons can produce steam in an amount of 12 to 30 g / min. Many of them even have the “steam boost” function – short-term steam release in an amount up to 30-45 g / min. Some models can generate steam in an upright position and smooth things hanging on a hanger or the back of a chair. Capacity for water – 50-70 ml, can be removable, for convenience in storage and transportation.

The soles are made of durable stainless steel, providing ease of gliding over the material. Often, they are coated with a non-stick coating.

The handles of most models fold, but there are also “solid” devices in which the upper part of the body serves as a handle. In any case, the overall dimensions of the mini irons are small, and they can easily be placed even in a crowded suitcase. For more information about this go to best mini flat iron.

Travel Iron with Folded Handle

As a rule, traveling irons can operate both from a 220 V power supply network (Russia) and from a 110 V power supply network (America, Europe), thanks to a special adapter in the kit or a voltage selection system in the form of a switch on the case.

For ease of transportation, special covers or fabric bags can be supplied with the devices.


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